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We believe in solving one of the problems facing our society today, which is unemployment. As a result of the alarming rate of unemployment in our society today, our company Bright Oceanview International has created a platform where youth will learn a new skill, and get opportunity for employment or start their own business with some help from our company either by providing capital or cooperation. We are looking at engaging as many youth as possible, and make some significant changes in this process of reducing unemployment rate in our society.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring hope to : Those who have been seeking ways to bring food on the table. To those who have dreams of becoming the owner of a business but have no capital to start. To those who are seeking to have new skills in order to be employable To the society where after graduation ,and empower yourself with the skills, you are sure of having a job.


When you take our courses,there are plenty of opportunities for you to start making money. We will always update you on what kind of job opportunities are available, how much capital we can provide for you to start your business, how we can go into cooperative business with you to get started. Check out which of our courses you are interested in and see the possible ways we you engaged.

About Our Courses

Online Courses which can guarantee you a job opportunity

Online courses which can be used to apply for a job at one of our Affiliate Companies



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