Complete guide to CCTV camera Installation

Categories: Installation
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Complete CCTV system Course for Start-ups

  1. Orientation Day(Video)plus handout
  2. Introduction to CCTV: What is CCTV? Why Install CCTV?
  1. DVR and Associated terminology(video +Handout
  2. What you should know before purchasing a CCTV system(Hand out
  3. Camera and Associated terminology
  4. About Camera Resolution ad differences between different resolution
  5. What is Infrared? What is night vision
  6. Remote viewing
  7. About motion, scheduled or continuous recording
  8. About Coaxial Cable
  9. Materials needed for a complete CCTV installation project for different Channels
  10. Writing a quotation
  11. Marketing Strategy
  12. Management
  13. Practical-CCTV system Installation

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